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Logistics Warehouse Employee at Schiphol

Branche Logistiek
Functiegebied Warehouse/Loods
Functiegebied Schiphol
Regio Noord-Holland
Salaris Marktconform
Dienstverband Vast
Uren per week 40

Do you have experience in logistics? Are you a go-getter and do you enjoy being part of a team? Then this is the job for you! And if you are only available part-time, this is still the job for you!

As a logistics cargo employee, you will work in the warehouse at Schiphol and the work will differ from day to day. For example, you are first busy sorting incoming goods and afterwards, you're collecting goods for the truck.
In addition, you will:
- Moving goods with the Forklift
- Loading and unloading trucks
- Loading aeroplane pallets

The requirements for this position are:
- Speak and read English. If you’re originally Polish, Romanian, Czech etc. speaking, That’s no problem!
- Do not have a judicial past in connection with applying for a VGB~
- MBO-2 work and thinking level

We offer you a starting salary of €11.83 per hour, which increases if you work evenings, nights or weekends. In addition, we offer you a chance for a permanent contract with us.

Do you like this job as a cargo employee in the warehouse or as a sidejob? Then apply directly via the button below! Or call Roemer on 06-17005600.